Chris Tanasescu

Monday, October 11: Reading @ 7 p.m. in Scripps Cottage (SDSU) with Selah Saterstrom

Chris Tanasescu is a Romanian poet, academic, critic, and translator whose work has appeared in Romanian and international anthologies and publications. He is recipient of the International Library of Poetry Award, and the Ronald Gasparic Poetry Prize (Romania & Canada, 1996). His poetry performance / action painting / rock band Margento won the Fringiest Event Award at Buxton Fringe (UK, 2005) and the Gold Disc in Romania (2008); He was an Anna Akhmatova Foundation Fellow in 2006-2007 for his work as a poet and poetry translator, which includes a book of David Baker’s poems, Omul alchimic (Vinea, 2009), translated into the Romanian. He teaches contemporary American poetry and creative writing and Romanian prosody and poetic composition at the University of Bucharest where he earned a Ph.D. in English with a thesis on rock poetry. Tanasescu is currently a Fulbright Visiting Professor at SDSU.


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